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Welcome to a new Lions’ year! As an ancient saying goes; “May you live in interesting times.”

These last four months are certainly ‘interesting times’ and have served as a reminder that life doesn’t progress in a smooth upward path.  It’s full of change and new directions.  Life will go on, but in a far different manner than we have experienced before.

Our mission, as part of the world’s largest service organization, hasn’t changed.  Our motto “We Serve” is the same.  Our Lions club, one of 48,000 around the world, will continue to serve our communities and the world.

Our traditional areas of service; vision, hunger, and the environment will still need our best efforts.  Our newest areas; diabetes and childhood cancer, will challenge us as never before.  On the horizon we see our role in the community becoming more of an advocate for those parts of the population having difficult times.

From our service activity reporting we know that each Lion, on average, serves 70 people a year.  We are always looking for like-minded people to join us in our efforts and all are welcome.  More members, more people served.

Anyone who is looking to fulfill a purpose in their life would make an ideal member.  There are certainly any number of learning opportunities within the association to add to leadership, organization, and communication skills that can be transferred to the workplace.

Our club has many community partners and we will continue to serve with them and for them in this new environment. 

I look forward to a challenging and productive year using all of our collective skills and creativity to accomplish new and innovative ways to serve Newmarket and the world.


Lion Jeff Mayhew

President (2023-2024)                                                                               

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